The Need to Create Outside of the Safe Zone

@Maggiebrookes Instagram

@Maggiebrookes Instagram

One of my favorite quotes from The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin is “You have no idea what you’re doing. If you did, you’d be an expert, not an artist.” I never thought of myself as an entrepreneur when I was in business school. I saw those people and thought that isn’t me. Reading the interview with Jeff Fluhr, I am reinforced with the idea, that I am not that person. I do not take risks that throw me off the plan – high school, college, job, graduate school, better job. The plan is my safe zone.

But Godin challenges that significantly and inspires the potential for change. The quote from the beginning reminds me that I do not have to have all the answers in order to put my best into something and to create art. And that it is the creation of art that will make me, my company and the stakeholders successful. It is a reminder that there is more to business strategy and to creation than the standard step-by-step process. Being an expert in a field can only get me so far. I can know everything there is to know about content strategy, but if I use the same formulaic strategy as everyone else, I will accomplish nothing. I need to step outside of the safe zone into the artist’s realm and learn to create something from nothing.


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