In Search of Stories

I’ve been thinking and searching for stories to add to this blog in between classes and was disappointed with myself and my inability to locate them, initially. However, I found one while browsing the internet and falling down the rabbit hole that too often begins with a jaunt down my Facebook Newsfeed.

What I found was a Millennial, same age as I am, living the storyteller philosophy. In fact, his story, resonates with that of Hanson Hosein’s Independent America. Miles Howard drove across America this summer to gather the stories and voices of Millennials in his blog and future book, Drive All Night. He believes that there is more to this generation than what is commonly reported in the news. The post he wrote that caught my attention was responding not directly to the linked article above, but rather to the responses from other Millennials on Facebook who were accepting and relating to the critical article.

I haven’t developed specific insight regarding this topic yet, but wanted to catalogue Miles’ blog because I believe he is doing a great job creating a powerful message with his project. If I were to guess, I would say his action idea would be along the lines of:

As a member of the Millennial generation, Miles Howard has been inspired by the people he has met who represent a very different message than is often depicted by reporters. To contradict the misconception he presents stories to celebrate brightest minds of this generation and their invaluable worth to young people because every generation needs stories of inspiration, success, and hope. 

I look forward to reading more of his entries.